We are using x264/AVC1 as a codec so for those that cant play the files here is how.

Besides using x264 we are also advancing further on the codecs using AVC1. Except currently for vlc player the playback list should still work for that as well. When a vlc player arrives that does support AVC1 we will notify that here.

From now on some of our releases use chapter linking. For now the only way to use these new functionalities is to use CCCP if you find an other one please tell us

First i suggest to most of the peoples to simply get the combined community codec pack offered by ZX at this address:

The latest K-Lite Mega Codec Pack also provides support for x264. It has not been tested for AVC1 yet though. You can use it, but we don't crosscheck playback for this pack for our releases. Get it at this address:

For those that dont like codec pack you need to get ffDshow, preferably this version and you will be able to play the files.

A last option is using vlc player v0.8.2. Get it at this address:

Finally if you still encounter problems please come in the IRC channel to tell us and we will try to help you.

Thanks a lot for your understanding

-Ripping In Peace